You are playing Mute on a total wrong way, here are the reasons…


Whenever someone mentions Mute, Hard Breachers such as Thermite and Hibana are an immediate thing that comes up on our mind. The most common use of Mute is to deny drones coming to the site if it is a TDM Bomb, Biohazard (more known as Secure Area) or simply Hostage. That is just one of several usages of Mute, and we will be talking about that topic later on.

Let’s see Mutes’ loadout. He has an average weapon MP5K, and a shotgun 591A1 and only one secondary weapon, which is a pistol 226 MK 25. Furthermore, Mute has a bulletproof camera and a C4. It is recommended to use MP5K and C4 explosive, however, his camera is also viable if playing in a team.


In the video above,which was made by Kaosx, it starts with how to use Mute, actually the way that people use him wrong.  Later on, there was an example of how to aid roamers with the mute jammers making their job easier and more efficient. Bait topic is also explained (but not in-depth), such as baiting people with putting jammers off-site and not playing (as a defender) near the actual jammers. Finally, there were added prime examples of a vertical play of jammers on the following maps: Coastline and Oregon. The video is on English and also has English and Croatian subtitles.


Do you have your own way of playing with Mute and care to share it? Do you agree with Kaosx, let us know down in the comment section below.