Pro League Season 7 FINALS – Viewer’s guide


Atlantic City, USA is the location of Pro League Season 7 LAN finals where the 8 best teams from 4 regions will fight for a prize pool of $275,000! We prepared a short guide to prepare you for another exciting Siege weekend!

This season we are moving to Atlantic City, luxurious Harrah’s Resort. Here is the list of the eight challengers:

North America (NA)

Latin America (LATAM)

Europe (EU)

Asia & Pacific (APAC)


The Tournament will last for two days – Saturday (19th) and Sunday (20th of May). First day will be reserved for the quarter finals matches:

  • Rogue vs NORA-Rengo
  • PENTA Sports – Evil Geniuses
  • FaZe Clan – Millenium
  • Fnatic – Team Liquid

The semi finals matches and the grand Finals will be played on the second day. The Entire tournament will be played in Single Elimination Best of 3 maps (BO3) format and the LAN Finals winner will take home $75,000!

North America – NA

Evil Geniuses

Photo: Ubisoft

Evil Geniuses will have strong support in front of the home crowd. The Invitational finalists will seek revenge after gut-wrenching defeat against European PENTA Sports in Montreal. After taking a 2-0 lead in BO5 match, PENTA did the biggest comeback in history of Siege and took the Invitational victory home. This time, EG will play their first match against PENTA in BO3 format with Canadian leading his American comrades in this lineup:

  •  Canadian /  Necrox /  BC /  nvK /  Yung /  BKN


Photo: ESL

Rogue will face Japanese champions in their first match – NORA-Rengo, but in front of home crowd, Rogue is absolute favourite for the first match. Their Pro League season went quite well: in group stage, Rogue took victories over CLG (2-0) and SK-Gaming (2-1). They didn’t find any problems in the playoff phase against Spacestation gaming (2-0). Their last obstacle was a seeding match against Evil Geniuses and Rogue also took another victory (2-1). Rogue reached the semi final stage at the Invitational in Montreal and with an unbeatable season we have big expectations from the Rogue lineup which unfortunately went through some changes. Avian parts ways with Rogue and Geoometrcis from CLG joins the roster, although a big problem came up – Rogue will not obtain a visa in time for their new member Geoometrics and will play at LAN Finals with a stand in that is yet to be revealed*.

  •  Ecl9pse /  Slashug /  Easilyy /  Bryan /  Shuttle*

Shuttle will be stand-in for Geoometrcis on LAN


Latin America – LATAM

FaZe Clan

Photo: Brasileirao/Ubisoft

Brazil is a nation with a lot of FPS talent and with a great reason it attracted a lot of attention among big esports organization and FaZe Clan picked up a really strong team that played under name “Team Fontt”. FaZe Clan played throughout Pro League without a single map dropped and their first matchup at the LAN Finals will be against the French Team Millenium. During the Invitational, FaZe Clan lost in a match against Evil Geniuses in the quarter finals after amazing group stage performance where they dropped only 2 rounds. FaZe Clan is also participant of the “Brasileirao” league where they currently have 3 wins and one loss (from Team oNe eSports). FaZe Clan is coming to Atlantic City in this lineup:

  •  gohaN /  Astro /  cameram4n /  HSnamuringa /  mav

Team Liquid

Photo: Brasileirao/Ubisoft

The second Brazilian team also joins the tournament with a big organisation – Team Liquid. Team Liquid didn’t meet expectations during the Invitational where they lost decider match in group stage against the Australian team Mindfreak. Season 7 of Pro League went quite well for Team Liquid and they start off with victories against team YeaH! and FaZe Clan without dropping a single map. In the playoff phase, they are matched against Black Dragons but prevail in the end. FaZe Clan and Liquid who will represent Brazil on LAN finals played a a seeding match where FaZe Clan took 2-0 victory. Recently, Fnatic picked up the roster of Mindfreak and they will be first opponents of Team Liquid in Atlantic City. It is definitely going to be an interesting matchup where Brazilians will seek their revenge for Invitational loss.

  •  nesk /  ziG /  Bullet1 /  xS3xyCake /  psk1 /  Sensi

Europe – EU

PENTA Sports

Photo: ESL

European mix PENTA Sports if the biggest favourite of the tournament and the World Champions, definitely team with the highest expectations on LAN. After amazing comeback in Montreal, PENTA Sports stays consistent with their high level of play during the Pro League where they were placed in a group with French teams. Mockit Esports and Millenium failed to secure victory over PENTA and they advance to playoffs where they are matched against Team Vitality that consists of strong lineup that played on the Invitational under name “Supremacy”. PENTA manages to secure 2-1 victory and they win over Millenium in seeding match. PENTA Sports will start their LAN finals with a rematch against Evil Geniuses with a slight change in lineup as Sha77e will not play on the LAN Finals:

  •  Pengu /  jOONAS /  Kantoraketti*/  Goga /  Fabian /  Shas[O]Udas

Sha77e is not able to play on LAN Finals due to private reasons and Kantoraketti from ENCE will take his place on LAN


Photo: Millenium

France is a country with huge and strong Rainbow Six: Siege scene and number of French teams in the Pro League is a great proof of it. 4 teams represented France in Pro League and three of those teams played against PENTA Sports during Season #7, unfortunately without managing to beat Euro mix. Closest to victory was Millenium, team that failed to qualify for the Invitational but they showed great performance druing the group stage beating two French teams: 2-0 vs Team Oplon and 2-1 vs Mock-it. In playoff phase, they were matched against a strong lineup of 1UPeSports, but Germans failed to achieve victory over Millenium who secured their spot on the LAN Finals with this victory. Millenium met with PENTA Sports once again in seeding match but lost again with 2-1 result. Their first match in Atlantic City will be a huge challenge against FaZe Clan with this lineup:

  • Joghurtzz /  Renshiro /  Liven /  Hicks /  risze /  Crapelle

Asia & Pacific – APAC


Photo: Ubisoft

The youngest Pro League region will be represented again by Australian lineup – Fnatic. Big and well known gaming organisation picked up Mindfreak roster right before APAC LAN Finals. Mindfreak already showed us during the Invitational that APAC teams should not be underestimated when they managed to break out of the Group stage beating Team Liquid in a decider match. Their first match in Atlantic City will be against the same Team Liquid lineup and Brazilians will be giving their 100% to get their revenge on Aussies. Fnatic will travel to USA in this lineup:

  •  Acez /  Magnet /  Lusty /  RizRaz /  NeophyteR /  Dizzle


Photo: Ubisoft

Japanese lineup will fight for first time against teams from EU, NA and LATAM regions. NORA-Rengo took 2nd place on APAC LAN Finals in Sydney after losing to Fnatic 2-0 in the Grand Finals. That loss did not hurt them much as the second place on APAC LAN Finals sends them to Pro League finals in USA! Together with Fnatic, NORA-Rengo will represent APAC region. Current NORA-Rengo roster took over the title of best Japanese team after eiNs lineup, who played on the Invitational,  went through some roster changes. Atlantic City will be a great place for NORA-Rengo to show their strength and their first opponent will be a team with big crowd support – Rogue. NORA-Rengo lineup:

  •  JJ /  Wokka /  Cloud /  Merieux /  CrazyPapiyoN /  tomokun



The LAN Finals event starts on Saturday, 16:45h CEST with a short ceremony and first match starts at 17:00h. All matches will be played in best of 3 format and this is the schedule for Saturday (18th May) matches in CEST timezone:

  •  17:00h – Rogue vs NORA-Rengo
  • 19:30h – PENTA Sports vs Evil Geniuses
  • 22:00h – FaZe Clan vs Millenium
  • 00:30h (Sunday 19.5) – Fnatic vs Team Liquid


  • 17:00h – Semifinals #1
  • 19:30h – ESPORTS PANEL
  • 20:00h – Semifinals #2
  • 22:30h – Operation PARA BELLUM (Y3S2) reveal
  • 23:30 – Grand Finals

Schedule (EDT vremenska zona)

Between the semi final matches, Ubisoft will reveal more details around their esport plan and new Pro League format and right before the Grand Finals, Ubisoft team will traditionally reveal upcoming season – PARA BELLUM which will introduce us to Italian GIS (Gruppo di Intervento Speciale) defensive operators – Maestro & Alibi! We will also take a look at the new map that will join the current map pool.

Where can I watch the event?

Pro League Season #7 LAN Finals will be streamed on 11 languages:

If you are watching the Pro League any of streams listed above, you are eligible to receive Twitch drop. You only need to link your Ubisoft account with Twitch – You can link accounts on THIS LINK!
The longer you watch, the more charms you will get! More info about twitch drops is available on official Rainbow6 website.