Rainbow Six Pro League Year 2 / Season 3 starts!


After great LAN finish in Germany where PENTA took the crown, ESL Pro League is coming back after a short pause.

New season of Pro League will see 24 teams from 3 regions battling out while APAC (Asia-Pacific) region will have its own 4 tournaments for different regions: Australia + New Zealand | Japan | South Korea | SouthEast Asia. APAC will have its own LAN finals in Sydney where two best teams will qualify for Y2S3 LAN finals in Sao Paolo, Brasil.

North America will open the season with matches between Excellence and 1nFamy and between Continuum and FlipSid3 Tactics. Day after, South American teams will play their first matches: Team Fontt versus Encore e-sport and NoX Gaming vs INTZ e-Sports. Thursday is day for European teams: ENCE eSports versus myRevenge e.V and Supremacy versus sno0ken Knows formerly known as Playing Ducks.

This season will be interesting because of APAC teams arrival. While community underestimates APAC teams, they are welcomed to play on high level because competitive Rainbow Six: Siege is spreading across the world. New teams are always welcome, and we are eager to see how the game is played in Asia and Down Under!



  •  ENCE
  •  PENTA
  •  Millenium
  •  Supremacy
  •  sno0ken Knows (Playing Ducks)
  •  ARES (unKnights R6S)
  •  beGeniusESC
  •  myRevenge e.V


  •  Team Fontt
  •  BRK esports
  •  Black Dragons
  •  Intz
  •  Nox Gaming
  •  Pain Gaming
  •  Merciless
  •  Encore


  •  Excellence
  •  Rogue (ex Vertical Gaming)
  •  Elevate
  •  Flipsid3
  •  Continuum
  •  BitterSweet
  •  World Best Gaming
  •  1nFamy



ANZ (Australia + Novi Zealand)

  •  Athletico Esports
  •  Corvidae
  •  DedSet
  •  Mindfreak
  •  Oracle Empyre
  •  Outlaws Gaming
  •  Scylla
  •  Taboo


  •  eiNs
  •  Extasy
  •  Fathers back
  •  Liberty
  •  Migration
  •  Noble Aim
  •  NORA-Rengo
  •  Spec B

South Korea

  •  Astros Esports
  •  mantis FPS
  •  New Life
  •  TeamTKC
  •  WeRise

SouthEast Asia (SEA)

  •  Anthrax Esports
  •  Computer Very Bad
  •  GuYas Tactics
  •  Impetus Gaming
  •  Supreme Eternity
  •  Team DAD1
  •  Tyde.gg
  •  UniqueMonster

More detailed info about Pro League can be found on official ESL site.

North American (NA) matches will be available on Youtube and Twitch channels.
South American (LATAM) matches will be available on Youtube and Twitch channels.
European (EU) matches will be available on Youtube and Twitch channels.

Which team is your favourite? Which team do you expect to see on LAN finals?

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    Sassy__ Reply
    Sep 19, 2017 @ 10:21 am

    Cannot wait to see APAC get crushed harder than NA at Y1S1 LAN