Interview: Rasmus ‘REDGROOVE’ Larsson


Siege enters its third year and r6adria.org wants to expand their content – we will do interviews with various people from the Rainbow Six:Siege scene, and our first interview will be with REDGROOVE, the Swedish player currently playing for Digital Chaos in EU Pro League!

Hello Rasmus, can you introduce yourself to us?

Hi! My name is Rasmus Larsson, known under the alias “REDGROOVE”. I’ve been playing Rainbow Six Siege competitively for more than 1 year now. I’ve been part of Challenger League and won it with Room Factory and also had the honor to play at the Rainbow Six:Siege Invitational 2018 in Canada 2018. I am currently playing for Digital Chaos.

When did you start playing Rainbow Six:Siege? What made Siege so special that you committed so much time into the game?

I picked up siege around 2016 December, a friend of mine introduced me to the game. I didn’t quite like it at first but as soon as my general understanding of the game started to grow i started to get very hooked. The game itself offered something special, something new and innovative. Even if you are playing ranked, you have a lot of ways to decide on how how you will engage your enemy and what operator you’ll be playing. Every match could set you in different scenarios and being able to win rounds is sometimes extremely rewarding.

When did you start playing competitively? What was your first lineup?

Around 2017 January we established a team and i played my first GO4 i believe. “Carzel,MaGotold, H3xiq,Kiw3y, Jerry, BarisERY.”

REDGROOVE achievements from Liquipedia

When and how did you join Room Factory?

Room Factory was actually  in need of a 5th player for their last match in Year 2 Season 2. STARBOY, a great player and friend of mine, asked if I’d like to try play with them. We did pretty well and beat “Unnamed M**gs” 2-1 and kept our spot for the next season of Challenger League. The line-up was then: REDGROOVE, PWN3F, ShepparD, ShockWave and STARBOY


You guys showed great skill during EU Invitational Qualifiers. Did you consider yourself favourites?

Our team looked and felt extremely strong during both qualifiers, and qualifier playoffs. To qualify for the Invitational was the big goal we had initially in mind to achieve. Our progress was looking very great and we played very well.

During the Invitational, you had hard matches against brazilian lineup of Team Liquid and ANZ team MindFreak. Did you expect to lose during group stage or were you surprised by leaving the tournament with 0-2 and 1-2 scores?

We knew going into the match that we are the underdogs without the experience. Not really suprised but most of us were disappointed in our own performance as we could do so much better. We had shown it online but being able to bring and show that experience to LAN did just not happen for us.


After the Invitational adventure in Montreal,  Rasmus is leaving Room Factory and joins Swedish forces – together with Renuilz, Snooken, Secretly and Kripps. Joined by their coach Syred, “The Swedes” found an esports organization pretty fast as Digital Chaos joins the Pro League.

As Digital Chaos is considered somewhat a “fresh” lineup, do you consider your team ready for Pro League challenges? Your first match is against Team Vitality who picked up ex-Supremacy lineup. French squad is considered a favourite after great Invitational performances, do you think you can pull an upset?

Establishing a good solid team is something that takes time. I think everyone is aware of that. There are no easy matches in Pro League. We have been working hard and built a good foundation that we can improve on for the future. Supremacy is a great team we’re up against but we will for sure give 200% #DCR6

What does your family think of your gaming career? Do you want to fully commit to Siege or you have some other plans for your career?

My parents believe in me finding my own path in life, they don’t want to push me into doing something i don’t want to do. The dream would be to be able to live off Siege but for a lot of people that’s not quite an easy possibility. I do believe most people including myself see it as a hobby unless you can make a living from it. I am currently trying to divide more time into other things I like in life. (For instance music/music production.) and at the same time Siege.

What do you think of the current meta? Is there anything you would change?

I would look into Lion, although I am pretty sure that nerf is already on its way.

Thank you for taking time to answer our questions. We wish you all the best in Pro League! Do you have anything to add for the end?

May whoever reads this have a great day and: #DCR6

Digital Chaos R6 Lineup

REDGROOVEs first match is this Thursday (22nd March) against Team Vitality. You can watch the match on official /rainbow6 Twitch channel.

You can follow his twitter account @REDGROOVE_R6 and follow his streams on twitch!