Cognate takes ESL All Stars series


ESL came to decision to create a bit more casual cup, with some different rules. Every wednesday during August, ESL All Stars took place.

Hostage mode finally on ESL



It all started on 2nd of August with “Bomb” cup. Standard ESL Pro league ruleset attracted 69 teams with many strong names. In the end, BLUEJAYS took the finals in a match against Upgrade Gaming. On their way to victory, they went through Potato esports, Cognate, Trokut and TEK9.

BLUEJAYS had strong opponents, but still managed to reach 1st place



9th of August was the time for second cup and Hostage game mode which is not favoured among the players. In total, 51 team participated and Euro mix Cognate took the first place. They beat United Gaming in semi finals and snatched the first place from Speed Gaming Force (Russia).

Many german and russian teams ended up in TOP16, but Euro mix takes the 1st place



16th of August, 49 teams participated in Secure area game mode. This time, german team United Gaming takes the first place beating Covfefe gaming. On their way to victory, they passed Aquila, Fury and Buteo esports.

After reaching semi finals week before, United Gaming wins this cup


Tactical realism

4th cup was played on 23rd of August on tactical realism setting with night setup. This was by far the most difficult cup for the players because of limited HUD (Heads Up Display). Many teamkills took place in that tournament because of it. In the end, out of 46 teams, Hungarian Here To Win takes the first place.

Here To Win came up as a really good team during tactical realism

Recruit only

Last All Stars was very special. It took place on 30th of August with Recruit only game mode. The most fun cup saw 37 teams and after rounds and rounds of fun, rushing and outaiming, Cognate took the first place and also, collected enough points to win complete All Stars series.

Cognate is total winner of All Stars series


All Stars cup brough a bit more casual series of tournaments where players could try some new stuff.

Total winner is Cognate with 18 points. United Gaming takes second place along with Vision eSports. BLUEJAYS, DERP, Here To Win and Speed Gaming Forces follow next. Many teams shared 8th place with 4 points like Aquila, Trokut, Covfefe, eKnights, Potato and FURY


Final standings